Radio Show

Success Journal with Chris Witting is a daily syndicated radio feature which premiered on radio in 1996. The radio show is still going strong today, airing daily on over 100 stations nationwide. Chris also hosts the syndicated show “InfoTrak” which airs on over 500 stations.

Each day, the Success Journal radio show profiles a famous brand name, a well-known company or a top entrepreneur. But the actual name remains a mystery to listeners until the “surprise reveal” ending.

Over the years, the award-winning Success Journal has spawned a catalog, a book (21-Day Countdown to Success/ Career Press), magazine articles, weekly segments on national cable TV, speaking engagements, and over 100 interviews on radio, TV and news networks.

In 2017, Chris Witting launched the long form podcast version of Success Journal. It features interviews with leading experts, helpful and practical tips to improve your life, boost your career, make you more money, and enhance your life.