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007 How To RELAX Into Wealth & Mastering Your Personal Money Mindset

Want to save an extra hour a day and get more done?  We have three ways to quickly boost your productivity.  And Alan Cohen, author of Mr. Everit’s Secret ( explains how you can “relax into wealth” and enjoy the ride.

You’ll hear these sixty-second Success Journal stories: two friends buy a hotel and find the keys to riches, and a man sells surgical supplies and sews up a fortune.

Then, explore your inner view of money as Jordan Goodman, author of Master Your Money Type ( explains the funny money mind games we all play.

006 How to Overcome Self-Defeating Habits & Saving Money for the Future at Any Income Level

Ever notice that most traditional taxi cabs are painted yellow?  We  share the interesting story behind that color choice. And success coach Jack Canfield, author of The Success Principles ( reveals the positive habits that bring the best results.

You’ll hear these sixty-second Success Journal stories: a family finds a fortune in a special deck of playing cards…and a new brand name turns a dying product into a healthy winner.

Then, top financial strategist Ric Edelman, author of The Truth About Your Future ( shares secrets of saving money for the future, at any age or income level.

005 Secrets of the Multi-Millionaires & Breakthroughs in Self-Awareness Can Bring New Opportunities

What’s the fastest, easiest and most powerful way for you to leave a voicemail message?  We share three proven tips that get real results. And multi-millionaire T. Harv Ecker reveals his Secrets of the Millionaire Mind (, and explains the inner path to wealth that took him from very poor to very rich in just two years.

You’ll hear sixty second Success Journal stories: a baker tries selling fast food, and earns some fast cash. And a dentist washes his hands and discovers a way to rinse away failure.

Then, Cheryl Richardson, author of The Unmistakable Touch of Grace ( says greater self-awareness can reveal new opportunities for personal growth.

004 How To Save a Fortune When Making Deals & Clean Up Clutter to Transform Your Life

If you’ve ever wondered how your behavior aligns with highly successful people, we’ll share some success traits you can apply, starting today.  Plus, if you want to be a far better deal maker, a top negotiator reveals his top tips on how to do better in every deal.

You’ll hear sixty second Success Journal stories: a cosmetics salesman  earns some good-looking profits, and a man creates a product to stop metal corrosion, turning rust into riches.

Then, if you’re swimming in stuff, we share advice from clutter-buster Katherine Gibson, author of Unclutter Your Life ( She’ll reveal how cleaning up the chaos can give you better clarity on your mission.